best theme park in the world

Best Theme Parks in the World

While planning for any trip, theme parks always top our to-do list. Theme parks are heart-beating attractions entailing daring rides, wonderful experiences, and fun and frolics. Theme parks are the land of extreme where you relive your childhood, realize your daydreams, and encounter the experiences of a lifetime. So treat yourself to the world of fun, magic, entertainment, fantasy, and surprises in these marvellous theme parks of the world.

Theme Parks
Here is the list of best theme parks in the world to realize your dream world in reality.

The Disney World in Paris and Hong Kong

disney world paris hong kong

Whenever you want to whisk away to the magical place that you have always daydreamed about since childhood, come and realize your fantasy dreams at Disneyland where the magical world comes to life.

Located in fanciful places like Paris and Hong Kong, it is a perfect destination to rekindle the nostalgia of your lifetime. A theme-based park where Marvel legendary superheroes, Disney tales, and Star Wars heroes are brought to life like nowhere else. Be it the rides like Mystic Manor, Adventureland, and Iron Man Experience in Hong Kong or Orbitron and Tom Story Playland in Paris, it’s a place of unlimited thrills where your exhilaration is bounced to one level up with every ride.

With your friends and family, plan a day of their dreams and capture magical selfies at the dedicated spots with your favourite characters of your wildest imaginations. Make a magical story of your own by discovering all the thrilling rides, amazing character dinners, exciting parades, seasonal events, all packed at one place that is your beloved Disneyland.

Disneyland is the one that is always on the top of our ‘Go-to’ list. So, check out this fairy tale destination this time.

Universal Studios in Los Angeles (USA) and Singapore

universal studio singapore

As much as it is a fun place, it is also packed with lots of thrilling adventurous rides. Experience the world-famous universal studio tour and realize all your wild-child fantasies in one place.

A marvellous theme park located in Sentosa Islands in Singapore or San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles is your ultimate destination to go frantic with all the fun and frolic. Get ready to go behind your beloved Hollywood movies, dine out with movie characters, and experience astounding stunts. Packed with so many amazeballs like dinosaurs of the world-famous Jurassic Park movie series or the crazy wizarding world of Harry Potter, it is a place that is hard to leave once entered.

Watch scintillating fireworks in the sky or the power-packed water stunt show, both of which will make you feel the goosebumps on your arms.

Run into the impersonations of famous characters of Sesame Street and shows like that and get your photos clicked with them to cherish these memories. Be it the street parades of Universal Studios in Singapore or the world-famous studio tour narrated by Jimmy Fallon in Los Angeles, you just have to pack your bags to start the thrill of seeing fantasy coming to life.

Fuji Q Highland (Japan)

Fuji Q Highland

If you always had that longing to go berserk with the nastiest roller-coasters of the world, then Fuji Q Highland is the perfect amusement park for you. Quench the deep thirst for a thrill with Guinness World Record holding rides- the steepest roller coaster, Takabisha, or the fastest accelerating roller coaster, Dodonpa. It is located in the Lake Kawaguchi area of Yamanashi prefecture in Japan near Mount Fuji. Hop onto the Fujiyama roller coaster and enjoy the breath taking view of Mount Fuji whilst screaming with a gush of thrill that comes with the ride.

Undeniably, packed with the best of roller coasters is a strong suit of Fuji Q Highland, but that is not its limit. It also offers indoor 3D shooting rides while enjoying Ninjutsu of famous comic characters or watching your favourite Naruto characters in the magnificent Phantom Theatre.

Why wait if you can break your monotonous routine of daily life with a gateway to ultimate, adrenaline-rush-inducing rides of the world.

Step in the Haunted Hospital and endure the leg-shivering fear that one can feel and then relax with the glorious Flower Ferris Wheel ride while enjoying the mind-blowing view of Mount Fuji from the top.

Ferrari World (Abu Dhabi)

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Find that Ferrari feeling that you have always yearned for, at the world’s first Ferrari branded theme park. If you have always craved F1 car driving in a challenging race course or wanted to visit the Ferrari factory and see how a Ferrari GT is made then Ferrari World has limitless fun for you.

Stationed at Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, it is a theme park with rides of amazement at every step. Get transported to sensational adventures through a fascinating virtual world or walk on the iconic red roof or challenge yourself with Scuderia Challenge and test your F1 potential, all at one place in Ferrari World.

If you dare to hop on the world’s fastest roller- coaster and feel the hair-raising experience with a gush of thrill that comes with it. The adventure park will amuse the adults and the children will feel the thrill like grown-ups with Formula Rossa Junior, the miniature version of the world’s fastest roller coaster. Have that delighted champion-like feeling on the speedway track or that marvellous feeling of exploring Italy in Ferrari.

Warner Bros Studios – Harry Potter – in London

Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio

The mention of Harry Potter always brings thrill and nostalgia. Step into the real wizarding world that you have always dreamt of. Explore the breath-taking sight of the original sets of Harry Potter. While following the footsteps of Harry, step into the marvellous Great Hall previewing two large house tables and the teacher’s table at the top of the room. Enjoy a jaw-dropping tour of the dark forbidden forest and the magical platform 9 ¾ to ride the Hogwarts express that you have always yearned for.

While having a tour, enjoy the sight of 950 potion jars lining the walls of the classroom, nearly 900 memory vials marked with original labels and the pink office of professor Umbridge are mind-blowing sights to adore.

The appealing costumes of enthralling wizarding sport Quidditch, the golden snitch, and the vibrant costumes of Yule ball will drive you to the memories of the Triwizard tournament. Stationed in the city of London, gear yourself to indulge in the intricate details of the wizarding world of Hogwarts and Harry Potter.

Bollywood Theme Park (Dubai)
bollywood theme park dubai

Welcome to the astonishing world of Bollywood to celebrate the vibrant film industry. Experience the enthralling tour of Bollywood industry is divided into five zones of Bollywood theme park. The Park entails 3D & 4D rides inspired by the Bollywood hits like Don, Lagaan, superhero Krrish, and the empowering RA. One. The rides will take to the real sets of these hits. The newly installed rides Aabra ka Dabra, Monsoon Masti Hawa Hawaii, and Bollywood sky flyer will dare you until you are weakened to your core. The Bollywood Boulevard stage, the Rangmanch stage, and the Cross Roads stage will take you a stage ahead with an explosion of colours, music, and culture. So guys pack your bags and put your shoes on for a day filled with adrenaline rush while seeing your Bollywood dreams coming true.

Movie World in Gold Coast (Australia)

Movie World in Gold Coast Australia

The movie world is a roller coaster ride of daring, enthralling rides, frightful nights, and Hollywood hooray. Wild West fall adventure ride, suspended twin hammer and daring accelerator roller coaster will leave you with shivering legs. To relax, walk down to the star tour, where you will experience the behind scenes of key attractions of the park. After this indulge yourself in a Hollywood stunt driver experience. For a ride of your life, get in one of the cars and confront your soul. After the thrill, experience the only hyper coaster climb stationed in the Southern Hemisphere. Climb the 282 stairs to relish the ultimate 360° view of the Gold Coast.

So friends what are you waiting for? Break your daily monotonous routine and put on your adventure shoes to experience the explosion of thrill, fear, and wonderful memories

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