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Egypt Tour Packages From India


Egypt, ‘The Land of Civilizations’ will capture your heart with its magnificent aura and breathtaking aesthetic
panorama. With State Global Voyages Egypt Tour Packages embark on a journey of ancient wonders and modern

This will be your destination that blends ancient wonders with vibrant culture. This country is the home to the
Iconic pyramids of Giza, Sphinx and the captivating Nile River.

This North African gem will be your journey to explore the bustling markets of Cairo where spices and textiles
will entice your senses. So get ready to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Pharaonic history and cruise
along the Nile with us !

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Customisable Tour

History of Egypt Tour

08 Days / 07 Nights
Cairo, Luxor, Edfu, Ko...