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If you’re longing to experience the beauty of Greece with your friends, family, or your life partner, and you want to do it hassle-free, explore our Greece Tour Packages with State Express Global Voyages. Let us handle the details while you enjoy the journey

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Istanbul Cityscape
Start ₹ 140000 pp

Customisable Tour

Greece And Turkey Tour

10 Days / 09 Nights
Athens (3N) - Santorin...

athens g
Start ₹ 125000 pp

Customisable Tour

Gems of Greece Tour

08 Days / 07 Nights
Athens, Mykonos, Santo...

athens g
Start ₹ 160000 pp

Customisable Tour

Greek Indulgance Tour

10 Days / 09 Nights
Athens (3N) - Mykonos ...

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Vagisha Sharma
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Mridul Gupta
Had a wonderful experience on my trip to Singapore which was so well organised by SEGV🤩🤩we enjoyed a lot and never had to worry about anything (transport, food etc)
State Express Global Voyages organised a spectacular Europe tour for us spanning 3 countries. The accomodations were at central locations and the team was very accomodative in our itenary. The Overall experience was amazing and I'll recommend SEGV to anyone interested in traveling abroad.
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Exceptional experience with State Express Global Voyages! From seamless booking to personalized recommendations, they exceeded expectations. The staff demonstrated impressive knowledge, suggesting hidden gems and local favorites. Accommodations were top-notch, aligning perfectly with preferences. The curated itinerary showcased a thoughtful blend of culture and adventure. Customer service was outstanding, promptly addressing queries. Highly recommend for those seeking a well-planned, hassle-free travel adventure.
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Parth Aggarwal
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    Ancient History and Archaeological Sites

    Greece has ancient history and a rich cultural heritage. Some of the most important archaeological sites in the country are Delphi, Olympia, and Epidaurus.

    1. Delphi:

    The historical site of Delphi is situated in the centre of Greece. It was devoted to the god Apollo and regarded as the geographic centre of the universe in antiquity. Athletes from all across Greece participated in a variety of activities during the Pythian Games, which were held there every four years. The Apollo Temple, which was regarded as one of the most significant sanctuaries in ancient times, is Delphi’s principal draw. In addition, the theatre, stadium, gymnasium, and Delphi Museum are significant landmarks in the city.

    2. Olympia:

    Another significant archaeological site in Greece is Olympia. It served as the location of the historic Olympic Games, which debuted there in 776 BC and lasted for more than a thousand years. Athletes from all across Greece would travel to the games, which were conducted in Zeus’ honour, to participate in a variety of events. The Temple of Zeus, which formerly housed a massive statue of the god, is Olympia’s greatest draw. The stadium, the gym, and the Heraion, a temple to the goddess Hera, are a few other well-known Olympia landmarks.

    3. Epidaurus:

    The Peloponnese peninsula’s easternmost megacity, Epidaurus, is well- known for its antique theater. The theater, which dates back to the fourth century BC, is one of the best- saved ancient theaters in actuality. The Epidaurus Festival, which takes place every summer, still uses it for performances. A modest gallery with vestiges from the major position, including statues and eulogies, is also located at Epidaurus.

    Island Escapes:

    One of the most well- known islets in the Aegean Sea is Santorini. It’s famed for its recognisable blue and white structures that waterfall over the cliffside. Santorini is home to some of Greece’s most opulent hospices, numerous of which have perpetuity pools with views of the Aegean.

    Greece’s largest islet, Crete, is a great place to visit if you are interested in history and culture. Some notorious spots including the Palace of Knossos, are located on the islet, which was the center of the ancient Minoan civilisation. Beautiful strands, literal municipalities, and hearty Cretan food are all set up in Crete.

    The graphic medieval city of Rhodes is famed for being a UNESCO World Heritage point. The islet is also home to a large number of immaculate strands with clean waters and the well- known Valley of the Butterflies, a beautiful natural reserve that draws a large number of excursionists each time.

    Greece Natural Beauty:

    Southern Greece’s Peloponnese is a rough and mountainous area characterized by towering escarpments and defiles, unspoiled strands, and stirring decor . One of the most graphic regions of the Peloponnese is the Mani Peninsula, which boasts a rocky oceanfront that provides stirring lookouts and fantastic hiking options. In addition, there are other literal remains located throughout the area, including the Palace of Nestor, the Mycenae remains, and the literal Theatre of Epidaurus.

    Two of the most stunning and clean abysses in the world are the Ionian and Aegean abysses. The Ionian Sea is a serene body of water with multitudinous graphic strands and undiscovered bays where trippers may decompress and enjoy swimming. On the other side, the Aegean Sea is more agitated due to its ferocious winds and violent swells. It does, still, contain some of Greece’s most stunning islets, including Santorini, Mykonos, and Paros.

    Greek Cuisine and Gastronomy:

    Some of the famous Greek Cuisine are:

    Moussaka- Layers of sautéed aubergine, ground angel or beef, tomato sauce and a rich Béchamel sauce make up this savory dish. It’s a dependence of Greek cookery and a face of both locals and callers.

    Souvlaki- This well- liked road mess is prepared by grilling skewers of meat( frequently funk, overeater, or angel) that have been marinated, and it’s generally served with veggies, pita chuck , and tzatziki sauce. It’s a quick, delicious lunch that is great for eating on the run.

    Greek Salads- The Greek salad, which combines ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, feta rubbish, and Kalamata olives, is famed for its simplicity and fresh constituents. It’s a delicious and healthy volition for any mess because it’s garnished with oregano and olive oil painting.

    Local food- markets are a feast for the senses since they offer a vast selection of herbs and spices, handcrafted cheeses and breads, and fresh produce.

    Greek cuisine- can also be enjoyed through culinary classes, food and wine excursions, and eating out. These excursions frequently take you to nearby farms and wineries where you may sample the best food and wine produced in the area and discover how Greek cuisine is traditionally prepared. A fun method to learn how to prepare popular Greek cuisine is through cooking workshops.

    Cultural Experiences:

    • 1. Performances of traditional dances: Greek folk dances are a crucial component of the nation’s culture. These dances are all vibrant and joyful, albeit they differ depending on the locality. Circular formations, complex hand motions, and expressive footwork are frequent features. Greek dances like the Syrtos, Kalamatianos, and Tsifteteli are among the most well-known worldwide. Greek dance performances are frequently observed at festivities, festivals, and neighborhood bars.
    • 2. Greece hosts a number of music festivals all year long that feature both domestic and foreign musicians. The most well-known celebration is the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, which takes place in June and July. This event features performances of music, theatre, and dance in outdoor and Greek-style theaters.
    • 3. Greeks enjoy celebrating, and many towns and cities have their own distinctive festivals and customs. Thessaloniki’s Carnival, a two-week-long
      extravaganza preceding Clean Monday, is among the most remarkable events. Locals enjoy traditional cuisine and drink while dancing in the streets and dressing up for the funfair.
    • 4. Orthodox Easter: The nation as a whole observes Greek Orthodox Easter with great fervor. Holy Week, when believers attend church services and observe customs, is the week preceding Easter Sunday. Families gather for meals on Easter Sunday, go to church, and take part in the well-known “cracking of the eggs” custom.
    • 5. Dionysus: It is the ancient Greek deity of wine, theater, and fertility, celebrated during the Dionysus Festival. The festival of Dionysus, which featured plays, musical acts, and poetry readings, was celebrated in Athens in his honor. The festival is now observed with a contemporary touch, and attendees can take in theatrical performances, wine tastings, and cultural events.

    Athens – Modern and Ancient:

    Greece’s capital city, Athens, is a vibrant place with a seamless fusion of historic sites and cutting-edge attractions. The city is a destination for travelers from all over the world since it is full of history, culture, and art.

    The Acropolis Museum is a popular sightseer destination. Ancient Greek vestiges, puppets, and architectural sensations are on display in the gallery. Learn about the history of ancient Greece while taking in the intricate Acropolis armature and spectacular Parthenon statues.

    There are multitudinous examples of road art across the megacity, including showpieces, graffiti, and other workshops. The discrepancy between the old structures and the contemporary art creates an outstanding sight with a fascinating and varied air.

    Special Offers and Packages:

    Travelers from India, take note! We are delighted to provide special offers and reductions on our travel packages, created to turn your vision of the perfect trip into a reality. Our vacation packages include something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a tropical escape, a cultural experience, an island hopping excursion, or some R&R at an opulent spa resort.

    Enjoy a variety of special inclusions and services that will make your trip unforgettable. Private tour guides will take you off the beaten path and deep into the heart of the local culture to show you the hidden gems of your destination. You can unwind and soak up the sun at secluded coves and gorgeous beaches thanks to island hopping excursions.

    Our programmes provide a range of experiences, including cooking courses, cultural exhibitions, and trips to neighborhood markets, for individuals seeking cultural immersion. You will gain a profound appreciation for the regional cuisine and culture through these immersive experiences.

    Don’t pass up our seasonal bundles, which include savings and special offers all year long. We have travel packages that fit every season and price range

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    1. What are the popular tourist attractions in Greece?

    The Acropolis, Parthenon, Santorini Island, Mykonos Island, Meteora Monasteries, Delphi Archaeological Site, and the Palace of Knossos are a few of Greece’s well-known tourist destinations.

    2. Which is the best time to visit Greece?

    Greece is most pleasant to visit in the spring (April–June) and autumn (September–November), when there are fewer tourists and nicer weather. The greatest time to visit the beaches is in the summer (July and August), though.

    3. Do I need a visa to visit Greece?

    You can visit Greece without a visa if you are an EU citizen. For up to 90 days during a 180-day period, citizens of numerous other nations—including the US, Canada, and Australia—may visit Greece without a visa.

    4. What should I pack for a Greece tour?

    It is advised to bring lightweight, comfortable clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and suitable walking shoes. For cooler evenings, add a light jacket or jumper. It is best to pack modest attire if you intend to visit religious locations.

    5. Is it safe to travel to Greece?

    Yes, travelers may travel safely in Greece in general. To be safe, you should constantly take the required precautions and pay attention to your surroundings, especially in crowded places.