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If you want to explore Japan with your friends, family or with your life partner and want to go there without worrying much about how to go and when to go. Then you must contact our company State Express Global Voyages which will

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Japan tokyo tour 1 Not included
Start ₹ 2,84,900 pp

Group Tour

Japan Cherry Blossom Tour

08 Days / 07 Nights
Tokyo (3N) – Hiroshi...

[20 Mar – 27 March 2024]

japan korea tour
Start ₹ 350000 pp

Customisable Tour

Japan With Korea Tour

13 Days / 12 Nights
Tokyo (2N) → Mt. Fuj...

Kyoto City
Start ₹ 150000 pp

Customisable Tour

Best of Japan Tour

06 Days / 05 Nights
Tokyo (2N) - Hiroshima...

Start ₹ 300000 pp

Customisable Tour

Gems of Japan

11 Days / 10 Nights
Tokyo (5N) - Osaka (1N...

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Vagisha Sharma
Vagisha Sharma
We booked our honeymoon trip from SEGV tours to Australia for December 2023 end . It was so good ! Hotels were decent and the travel partners for tour guides in Australia chosen were really good . Transfers were always on time. The whole team was so patient with all our queries and iterations on itineraries. The bookings were made on time and were up to the mark! They were also available to guide on WhatsApp while we were on our trip . The cancellations were refunded. Some hiccups with guiding of how long day will end and ideas about next days schedule in terms of time can improve .
Mridul Gupta
Mridul Gupta
Had a wonderful experience on my trip to Singapore which was so well organised by SEGV🤩🤩we enjoyed a lot and never had to worry about anything (transport, food etc)
State Express Global Voyages organised a spectacular Europe tour for us spanning 3 countries. The accomodations were at central locations and the team was very accomodative in our itenary. The Overall experience was amazing and I'll recommend SEGV to anyone interested in traveling abroad.
Shalini S
Shalini S
SALESH Kumar as a driver was excellent in helping for a Delhi visit.
Exceptional experience with State Express Global Voyages! From seamless booking to personalized recommendations, they exceeded expectations. The staff demonstrated impressive knowledge, suggesting hidden gems and local favorites. Accommodations were top-notch, aligning perfectly with preferences. The curated itinerary showcased a thoughtful blend of culture and adventure. Customer service was outstanding, promptly addressing queries. Highly recommend for those seeking a well-planned, hassle-free travel adventure.
Parth Aggarwal
Parth Aggarwal
Trip with State Express Global Voyages was such a hassle free experience. Planning more and more travels with them

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    Historical Treasures

    Callers can explore Japan’s literal treasures to gain a deeper understanding of the nation’s fascinating history. These treasures are an essential element of Japan’s artistic heritage. One of the topmost locales to begin is Nara, the former capital of Japan, which is home to a number of important literal structures, similar as the Todaiji Temple and also the drinking deer demesne. The Great Buddha, is the biggest given citation Buddha statue in the world, is housed at the Todaiji Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage point. A special and unique experience is handed for callers by the occasion to engage with the gracious deer that bat the demesne.

    Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park is veritably notorious and Museum is another literal gem in Japan. It’s a potent illustration of Japan’s tenacious character and fidelity to world peace. The gallery presents tales of the disastrous goods of the infinitesimal lemon and the struggles of the people who got affected as well as Japan’s enterprise to advance nuclear demilitarization and global peace. The demesne is a solemn and serene setting with several monuments and monuments, including the recognisableA-Bomb Dome which is also a UNESCO World Heritage point.

    In conclusion, excursionists should make sure to visit Japan’s literal spots can be a satisfying experience for excursionists, from Hiroshima’s peace keepsake demesne and Gallery to the murky history of Nara’s Todaiji Temple and its sociable deer demesne. These locales offer a look into Japan’s complicated history and demonstrate the nation’s enduring fidelity to fostering peace and understanding.

    Traditional Arts and Crafts:

    Japanese tea observances are intensively spiritual and emblematic gests that combine Zen Buddhism, Shintoism, and the Confucianism. They aren’t only about drinking tea. Harmony, respect, and appreciativeness are all precisely cultivated through the medication of the tea, the operation of the implements, the room’s design, and the hello of the guests. During a tea form, attendees pay attention to the present, respect the beauty of our surroundings and nature. In multitudinous artistic centres in Japan, callers can observe a tea form.

    Ikebana is the art of arranging flowers, is another incarnation of Japanese culture and gospel. Ikebana is a fashion of soul-searching, drug, and a way to involve with nature that includes further than simply arranging flowers in vases. In Japan, there are multitudinous Ikebana seminaries that give assignments, shops, and exhibitions to both locals and callers.

    One of the notorious traditional art with a long and outstanding history in Japan is crockery. Japanese crockery is moment recognised for its fine workmanship, organic shapes, restrained colours, and distinctive glazes. It’s both ornamental and utilitarian. Callers to Japan can observe potters doing their work or can also go to crockery townlets and galleries to learn further about the significance, history, and styles of this art.

    Overall, traditional Japanese trades and crafts give a window into the country’s history, present, and future and are a vital element of its artistic heritage. Excursionists can learn from professional crafters and develop a deeper understanding of the beauty and significance of these trades through interactive shops, demonstrations, and displays.

    Japanese Cuisine:

    A popular Japanese cookery called sushi is made up of bite- sized servings of the ginger rice, fish, and veggies. Making sushi is an intriguing procedure that calls for perfection slice, deft seasoning, and delicate wrapping. For the freshest, dainty sushi and seafood that Japan has to offer, excursionists can visit conventional sushi caffs or stand- up sushi bars.

    Ramen is the public mess of Japan and is made using Chinese- style wheat polls, a relish broth, and colorful condiments like boiled eggs, pork pieces, seaweed, and mushrooms. In Japan, there are innumerous ramen businesses, from lively road merchandisers to upscale beaneries that offer distinctive indigenous flavours and dining gests .

    The term” tempura” refers to food that has been bombarded and deep- fried until it’s crisp and golden. Tempura is substantially made with seafood, vegetables, and occasionally as sweets. It’s generally served with dipping sauce and daikon radish gratings. The stylish places to try fresh, crisp, and light tempura are at original requests and food stands.

    Matcha is a green tea greasepaint produced from tea leaves grown under shadow. Matcha is famed for its unique taste, colour, and health benefits because it’s packed with amino acids and antioxidants. Callers can learn further about matcha manufacturing, take part in a traditional tea form, and eat delectables with matcha flavour by visiting tea fields, cafes and tea shops.

    Onsen and Wellness:

    The mineral-rich waters of Japan’s hot springs are recognised for having mending capabilities and offering a variety of health advantages. Some onsen are allowed to heal skin conditions, reduce muscle weariness, and encourage blood rotation. In addition to natural out-of-door gyms, there are also private interior cataracts and public cataracts that callers can elect from.

    By staying at a ryokan, excursionists can witness traditional Japanese hospitality with onsen experience. Tatami flooring, futon beds and sliding doors are all features of the ancient Japanese auberges known as ryokans, which give a tranquil and soothing air. Callers can savour traditional Japanese chow similar as kaiseki,multi-course dinners with seasonal constituents served elegantly and attractively.

    A great place to exercise heartiness and contemplation is Japan. The Japanese practise of Zen contemplation places a strong emphasis on awareness and tone- mindfulness. Shinrin- yoku, also known as timber bathing, is a Japanese practise that advocates to spend further time in nature to lower stress and ameliorate good.

    Cherry Blossom Season:

    Sakura, or cherry blossom season, is a natural miracle that draws excursionists to Japan from each over the world. The nation is turned into an iconic geography of beauty as premises and thoroughfares are decorated with exquisite pink blooms.

    Callers can share in hanami, the Japanese custom of picnics where callers love to gather with family and musketeers to appreciate the beauty of the flowering cherry blossoms, during the sakura season.

    In Japan, there are numerous beautiful locales to take in the cherry blossoms’ splendour. Some of the places like Kyoto’s Philosopher’s Path, Tokyo’s Ueno Park, and Osaka’s Mint Bureau are the most well- liked spots in Japan.

    A rare occasion to witness both the natural beauty of the magnific pink blooms and the hanami custom of Japan is to travel to Japan especially during cherry blossoms.

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    1. Do I need a visa to visit Japan from India?

    Yes, Indian passport holders require a visa to visit Japan. The visa application process involves submitting the necessary documents, including a valid passport, completed visa application form, photographs, flight itinerary, hotel reservation, financial statements, and a detailed travel itinerary. It is recommended to apply for a visa well in advance of your planned travel dates..

    2. What is the best time to visit Japan?

    The best time to visit Japan depends on your preferences and the regions you plan to explore. Spring (March to May) is famous for cherry blossom season, when the country is adorned with beautiful pink flowers. Autumn (September to November) offers stunning foliage colors. Summer (June to August) is a popular time for festivals, but it can be hot and humid. Winter (December to February) is ideal for skiing and enjoying winter landscapes, especially in northern Japan. Consider the specific activities and regions you want to experience to determine the best time for your visit..

    3. What are some must-visit destinations in Japan?

    Japan is known for its rich cultural heritage, modern cities, and natural beauty. Some popular destinations include Tokyo, the vibrant capital city; Kyoto, with its traditional temples, shrines, and gardens; Osaka, known for its food culture and lively atmosphere; Hiroshima, home to the Peace Memorial Park; Nara, famous for its ancient temples and friendly deer; and Hokkaido, offering picturesque landscapes and outdoor activities. Other noteworthy places include Mount Fuji, Hakone, Nikko, and the historic city of Kanazawa. Each destination offers unique experiences, and the choice depends on your interests and preferences..

    4. How long does it take to travel from India to Japan?

    The duration of travel from India to Japan depends on the specific departure and arrival cities, as well as the chosen mode of transportation. Direct flights from major Indian cities like Delhi and Mumbai to Tokyo generally take around 8 to 10 hours. Connecting flights may take longer depending on layover times. It is advisable to check with airlines for the most accurate and up-to-date travel times.

    5. What is the currency used in Japan, and how can I exchange currency?

    The currency used in Japan is the Japanese Yen (JPY). It is recommended to exchange your currency for Japanese Yen before your trip or upon arrival in Japan. Currency exchange services are available at international airports, major hotels, and authorized exchange offices. Additionally, ATMs can be found throughout the country, and major credit and debit cards are widely accepted. It is advisable to inform your bank about your travel plans to ensure smooth usage of your cards in Japan.

    6. Is it necessary to learn the Japanese language before visiting Japan?

    While knowledge of the Japanese language is not necessary, it can be helpful to learn a few basic phrases and greetings to facilitate communication. English is spoken to some extent in major tourist areas, hotels, and restaurants, but overall, the level of English proficiency may vary. Having a phrasebook or a translation app can be beneficial, and locals often appreciate any effort to speak a few words in Japanese. Additionally, many signs and transportation announcements are displayed in both Japanese and English, making it easier to navigate around the country..