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If you want to explore Scandinavia tour packages from India with your friends, family or with your life partner and want to go there without worrying much about how to go and when to go. Then you must contact our company State Express

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scandinavia tour
Start ₹ 175000 pp

Customisable Tour

Classic Northern Lights Tour of ...

08 Days / 07 Nights
2N Helsinki + 2N Rovan...

Iceland tour features
Start ₹ 220000 pp

Customisable Tour

Northern Lights Tour In Scandina...

09 Days / 08 Nights
Tromso(2N) - Harstad(...

italy features
Start ₹ 225000 pp

Customisable Tour

Magical Scandinavia Tour

10 Days / 09 Nights

Start ₹ 4,74,900 pp

Group Tour

Scandinavia Northern Lights Grou...

10 Days / 09 Nights
Stockholm (2N) – Rov...

06 Nov – 15 Nov 2024

Start ₹ 200000 pp

Customisable Tour

Summer in Scandinavia Tour

09 Days / 08 Nights
Oslo (2N) - Flam (1N) ...

copenhagen g
Start ₹ 200000 pp

Customisable Tour

Scandinavia Splendour Tour 9D/8N

09 Days / 08 Nights
Copenhagen(2N) - Oslo(...

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    Nordic Culture and Heritage

    Northern Europe’s Scandinavia has a rich cultural heritage that is firmly anchored in Viking history and folklore. Scandinavia is a cultural gem, offering a multitude of opportunities to explore its diverse cultures, from the complex designs of its buildings to the stories passed down through generations in its literature.

    Scandinavia’s Viking heritage, which is preserved in historical sites, museums, and cultural events all over the continent, is one of its most important features. The massive Oseberg ship from the ninth century, a striking example of Viking engineering and craftsmanship, is one of the finest relics from the Viking age and is kept in the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway.

    Additionally, Gamla Uppsala in Sweden provides visitors with a chance to go back in time to the Viking era. A interesting Viking-era church that is supposed to have been in use for more than a thousand years may be seen here, along with Viking burial mounds.

    The cultural legacy of the area also includes an integral component of Scandinavian architecture. The landmark Sydney Opera House, designed by Danish architect Jrn Utzon, is a superb illustration of the modernist architecture that characterises Scandinavian design. The region’s rural traditional architecture is especially significant, with its wooden churches and thatched-roof homes providing a window into the Nordic way of life throughout the centuries.

    Northern Lights Experience:

    The Aurora Borealis, often known as the Northern Lights, is a magnificent natural occurrence that mostly happens in high-latitude areas. Consider traveling to places like Norway, Sweden, and Iceland, which are renowned for producing some of the best Northern Lights displays, if you’re searching for a chance to see this amazing phenomena.

    Between October and March, when the evenings are long and dark, is the greatest time to see these lights. To boost your chances of viewing the Northern Lights, though, you should also keep an eye out for solar activity. Intense solar flares can do this.

    These locations provide a wide range of winter activities, including dog sledding, snowmobiling, and skiing, in addition to Northern Lights tours. You can partake in these pursuits and produce life-changing experiences while taking in the breathtaking Northern Lights.

    Make sure to take a decent pair of boots and dress for the chilly weather if you intend to visit these places. For the most recent information on weather forecasts and Northern Lights sightings, you should also check with nearby tour companies.

    Scandinavian Cuisine:

    The culinary scene in Scandinavia is rich and diversified, including traditional Nordic meals, maritime specialties, and fusion food. The geology, climate, and history of the area have all had an impact on the cuisine, which emphasizes natural, fresh ingredients.

    Visiting Scandinavia’s food markets is one of the greatest ways to sample its flavors. These crowded locations are the ideal places to sample regional specialties and ingredients and to browse for handcrafted goods. The Hötorgshallen in Stockholm, the Mathallen in Oslo, and the Torvehallerne in Copenhagen are some of the best markets.

    Visitors have the opportunity to sample traditional Nordic cuisine at nearby eateries, which frequently includes game meats, fish, and seasonal vegetables. A traditional Danish delicacy known as smorrebrod consists of open-faced sandwiches that are frequently topped with meat, cheese, or fish. Meatballs, gravlax, and herring are popular meals in Sweden, whereas lutefisk (dried fish), rakfisk (fermented fish), and reindeer stew are possible menu items in Norway.

    There are numerous cutting-edge restaurants that combine traditional Nordic meals with foreign flavors for individuals who want to experience Scandinavian fusion cuisine. Foraged ingredients are used in dishes at Restaurant Noma in Copenhagen, while Frantzén in Stockholm serves a multi-course tasting menu with Nordic and Japanese elements.

    For tourists who are interested in learning more about Scandinavian food and culture, culinary tours offer an immersive experience. In Copenhagen, tours of the city’s street food culture are well-liked, while tourists may join a culinary tour of Oslo’s hip Grünerlkka neighborhood. Food excursions in Stockholm frequently include a stop at the ostermalmshallen market and a taste of authentic Swedish pastries.

    Scandinavian Design and Shopping:

    Modern aesthetics, inventive design, and fine craftsmanship are hallmarks of Scandinavian culture. Arne Jacobsen, Alvar Aalto, and Hans Wegner all created some of the most recognisable designs of the 20th century in this area. Scandinavia is still known for its cutting-edge architecture and is the location of numerous renowned shopping areas, boutiques, and design-related tourist destinations.

    Copenhagen is one of the best cities to learn about Scandinavian design. The capital of Denmark is a veritable gold mine of galleries and shops showing the newest in Scandinavian design. Some of the most prominent brands in the world are represented in Strget, the city’s main retail area, including Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Hermès. But it’s also worthwhile looking down the little side alleyways to find hidden treasures. To find hidden jewels like Illums Bolighus, a department store renowned for its cutting-edge design, or Hay House, a three-story shop showcasing contemporary furniture and home goods, it’s also worthwhile investigating the tiny side streets.

    Another fantastic location for fans of design is Stockholm. The capital of Sweden has a thriving design scene, with many galleries and boutiques showcasing contemporary Scandinavian design. Gamla Stan, the city’s historic Old Town, is an excellent location to discover the more conventional designs, while Södermalm is a hotspot for up-and-coming designers and independent shops. Visit the Design House Stockholm, which features some of the area’s most recognisable creations.

    Helsinki is a must-visit location for everyone interested in Scandinavian design, to sum it up. The capital city of Finland is renowned for its streamlined and minimalist architecture, with many shops and galleries showing contemporary Finnish design. With over 200 design-related stores, showrooms, and other attractions, Helsinki’s Design District is a must-see location.

    Seasonal Attractions and Festivals:

    • 1. Midnight sun in the summer – In cities like Oslo, Stockholm, and Helsinki, you can marvel at the phenomena of never-ending daylight from June to August.
    • 2. Winter Christmas markets – Get into the holiday spirit by visiting the well-known Christmas markets in towns and cities like Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm. Here, you can browse for traditional Nordic handicrafts, sample regional cuisine, and take in the festive lighting and decorations.
    • 3. Midsummer festivals held all around Scandinavia are a great way to celebrate the longest day of the year with traditional cuisine, music, and dancing.
    • 4. Sami festivals – Attend events like the Jokkmokk Winter Market in Sweden and the Riddu Riu festival in Norway to learn more about the distinctive Sami culture of northern Scandinavia.
    • 5. Viking festivals – Attend events like the Viking Festival in Roskilde, Denmark, and the Nidaros Viking Festival in Trondheim, Norway, to learn more about the Viking era.
    • 6. St. Lucia Day – Celebrate the arrival of winter with customary processions of young girls holding candles and dressed in white robes, a Scandinavian tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages.
    • 7. Midsommar – Midsommar events are held all around Sweden and are a time to celebrate the summer solstice with traditional food, dance, and floral wreaths.
    • 8. Reindeer races – Attend festivals like the Finnmarkslopet in Norway to witness the thrilling spectacle of reindeer races, in which contestants sprint over the Arctic tundra with their reindeer teams.
    • 9. Ice skating – Enjoy the excitement of ice skating on frozen lakes and ponds, a well-liked winter activity in Scandinavia, accompanied with cozy fires and hot beverages.
    • 10. Northern lights – Catch a glimpse of the spectacular aurora borealis, a breathtaking sight that can be seen in northern Scandinavia throughout the winter.

    Visa and Travel Essentials:

    Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens Traveling to Scandinavia:

    Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden) entry for nationals of India requires a Schengen visa. All of the nations in the Schengen region are accessible with a Schengen visa. Indian nationals must submit their application to the embassy or consulate of the nation they want to travel to first or spend the most time in in order to obtain a Schengen visa. A current passport, travel itinerary, financial and insurance documentation, as well as proof of means of support, are prerequisites.

    Essential Travel Tips:

    Exchange rates: The Danish krone, Norwegian krone, and Swedish krona are the three national currencies of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, respectively. Banks, exchange offices, and ATMs all accept currency exchange for Indian residents.

    Scandinavian countries have a sophisticated public transport infrastructure. The most widely used forms of transportation include trains, buses, and ferries. There are also taxis and rental automobiles available. Tickets for public transportation are available for purchase online, at kiosks and on ticket machines.

    Weather considerations: Scandinavia has lengthy, pleasant to warm summers and cold, dark winters with temperatures that plunge below freezing. When traveling in the winter, it is essential to bring warm clothing.

    Scandinavia is a secure location, however travelers should use common sense when taking security measures. Keep valuables hidden, avoid carrying a lot of cash, and be on the lookout for pickpockets when in crowded places.

    Visitors should also plan appropriately in light of Scandinavia’s high cost of living. It can be pricey to eat out, travel, and stay somewhere, but there are affordable solutions accessible. Last but not least, even though English is widely spoken, it is always beneficial to master the fundamentals of the local tongue.

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    1. What countries are included in a typical Scandinavia tour package?

    Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland are frequently included in a traditional Scandinavian travel package.

    2. What is the best time of year to take a Scandinavia tour?

    Your preferences will determine the ideal time to travel to Scandinavia. Although the summer months (June to August) have moderate weather and extended daylight hours, they can also be congested and expensive. Although there is a chance to observe the Northern Lights and take part in winter activities during the winter months (December to February), the days are short and it can get very chilly.

    3. What kinds of activities are included in a Scandinavia tour?

    Numerous activities, including city tours, boat cruises, excursions to museums and cultural sites, outdoor pursuits like skiing and hiking, and chances to see the Northern Lights, are frequently included in Scandinavia vacation packages.

    4. What is the duration of a typical Scandinavian tour package?

    Depending on the itinerary and activities, a typical Scandinavia travel package might last anywhere from 5 days to 2 weeks.

    5. What is the mode of transportation for a Scandinavia tour package?

    Depending on the itinerary and activities, a Scandinavian trip package’s means of transportation may change. It can include automobiles, boats, trains, and buses.