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World’s 10 most exciting Megacities that you must visit

The textbook definition of a Megacity is a simple count of the population which needs to be over 10 million. But truly, Megacities are an experience larger than life. It’s only here that you feel the rush of what it is to be a part of something bigger. From the thrilling experience of being amid vehicles cutting through waves of people storming out to the tall buildings that lit up any hour of the day, from the diversity of a Global center to the long nights where nothing ever really quiets down, a Megacity is nothing short of what you have seen a million times on the silver screen. 

Megacities in their true sense can be seen as a small civilization, an embodiment of diverse cultural and social characteristics. So, here is a list of the top 10 megacities we wouldn’t want you to miss in this lifetime.

New York (USA)

new york usa

No matter how much you read into it, New York is a city that will never cease to surprise you. It is utterly tiring to find a box that can fit everything about this city. New York is not just a location; it’s an adventure through history, culture, commerce, economy and so much more as it has embraced millions across the globe to make it a truly cosmopolitan city. 

Begin this adventure that is New York, with a ferry ride to get a better look at the Statue of Liberty and put a tick on the dream checklist. Spend your day exploring the Empire State Building or the ever thrilling Niagara Falls State Park! Evenings are best when you are at the friendly Central Park in Manhattan, enjoying your walks with Famous street foods – The Hotdog & Bagels.

Do stand in the center of the New York Times Square to get that Instagram-worthy picture. The square gets even more interesting with its museums, bars, and restaurants unique in their own way. 

Tokyo (Japan)

tokyo japan

‘More than any other city, Tokyo demonstrates that ‘city’ is a verb and not a noun.’ – Toshiko Mori

There is nothing that defines Tokyo more appropriately than this. The city is only seen in blurs as everything moves briskly. Even after the turmoil of the war in this city, Tokyo rose up from the ashes to become the city of innovation. 

Visit the Museum of Emerging Science and Innovations to quench your thirst for Tokyo’s belief in robotics as the future. The city speaks of its history with tourist sites such as the Imperial Palace which was home to the royal family. Tokyo also gives you an escape as it’s a major Buddhism center of Japan and lets you find serenity in the temples situated in the small city pockets. These Buddhist temples are said to bring your wishes to life. 

Get a souvenir of the trip from the various flea markets or dive into the cuisine offered in the food villages and shops. Akihabara is a dream for all anime lovers to get their favorite pick of collectibles!

Paris (France)

paris france

Paris – It’s not just the capital of France, but of Love and Fashion too!

Marked by the landscapes of the Seine River, the gorgeous views of the Eiffel Tower from all corners of the city, Paris has been historically a major center of romantic art movements and architecture. Paris differentiates itself from other Megacities as it does not stand with the crowded nature of cities. Unlike other megacities, Paris manages to induce a sense of calm in you. The city is far from suffocating as you savor its trademark food and wine as you walk the cobbled streets of Rue-Saint Rustique. 

Join the crowd at Eiffel Tower and witness the way the city unfolds itself throughout the day. Pick a reminder of Paris as you take the Eiffel Tower with you in the signature key chains. Visit the Louver Museum, the Notre Dame Cathedral, Palace of Versailles to glimpse into the lavishness of Paris. 

London (UK)

london uk

Everything about London gives you a sense of contentment! It is in the courtesy of the people to make you feel at home. London is one of those select few cities on earth, you will find the true essence of history moving into the future in this city. You will be amazed to witness the complementary coexistence of futuristic modern era architecture, right alongside the Victorian era grandeur.

One can never escape the allure of London with its scenic views from the London Eye, breezy strolls on the Millennium Bridge, or the Westminster Bridge. Witness the perks of royalty as you visit Buckingham Palace and watch the Change of Queen’s Guard ceremony!

There is nothing as captivating as London in the winters as you warm up in cafes as the roofs cover-up in a white blanket and snowballs thrown around!

Istanbul (Turkey)

Istanbul turkey

Haven’t we all seen a movie where the actor runs through the lanes of an exotic city, lined with beautiful little mysterious shops? Well, that’s Istanbul for you.

True to its geographical location of being a meeting point for the European and Asian continent, Istanbul is an amalgamation of Cultures since the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. Considered a mecca for history buffs, every node and corner of the city reflects the influences of all the cultures that have left an impression.

Stroll through the Old City of Sultan Ahmet, admiring the beauty of Blue Mosque while experiencing the tranquil waters along Bosporus Straits! 

Singapore City

singapore city

If there is any city on earth, which has broken the boundaries of imagination, it has to be Singapore!

It might be a small City but in today’s world order, it has made its mark as a bustling financial and technological center, inspiring others for its path-breaking approach to life. 

Not only the city has become an economic hub but has also managed to demonstrate the sustainable development process to the world. The city incorporates green into buildings that make it worthy of every tourist’s to-do list. Visit the Gardens by the Bay and be awed as it lights up in the night sky! 

For the movie buff in you, Singapore has a lot in store. Do visit the Larger than life Universal studio and get to live out the movie of your dreams! From the various movie-themed rides to meeting your favorite characters, the Universal Studio will never cease to bring out the child in you. Do remember though, the trip will remain incomplete until you get Singapore’s mascot, the Merlion in the same frame as you!

Hong Kong

hong kong

“Life in Hong Kong transcends cultural and culinary borders, such that nothing is truly foreign and nothing doesn’t belong.” – Peter Jon Lindberg (journalist)

Hong Kong is here to envelop you from all sides. The city swiftly lures you in and you won’t find your escape! It’s a chance of a lifetime to escape into Hong Kong and embrace the overwhelming feeling of being part of something unique.

Escape the city’s rush and relax on the Tai Long Wan bay, enjoying a day with water sports! Do take a memorable Chinese Junk Board ride taking in the spectacular view of the Singapore Skyline. But most of all, do not forget to visit the Ocean Park and the Giant Panda adventure to witness the cutest creature of all playing around all the time!

Cape Town (South Africa)

Cape town south africa

You never visit Cape Town. Cape Town calls you out. 
Emerging as the holiday capital, Cape Town is the bliss of nature with its beaches, mountains, and underground caves. 

The Mediterranean climate attracts flocks of tourists to lay down at the beaches and glance at the crystal clear waters. If you are into water sports, Cape Town is the destination for you. Hop on the Kayaks and surfing boards to have the time of your life!

Do take a stroll down to witness Cape Town in all its glory. Visit San Francisco’s waterfront, the Embarcadero, and enjoy the Fisherman’s Wharf, a famous one of its kind restaurant. 

San Francisco (USA)

san francisco usa

Even the city’s geographic limitations aren’t able to stop it from being a megacity. If this doesn’t say volumes about San Francisco, nothing else does!

The city’s warm welcome is known all across the globe as the Golden Gate Bridge towers over you, letting you into a world of possibilities. Seek the thrill of horror and mystery as you enjoy Alcatraz Island, an ex-federal prison! Enjoy the culture as the streets become an escape for artists in the Mission and North Beach districts.

At twilight, San Francisco finds the time to relax. Dive into the depths of San Francisco as streets become the center of entertainment. Enjoy drinks at a comedy club or join people across the globe on bar-hopping, socializing with new faces! Enjoy a play by We Players, as they transform the city’s landmarks into their stage. 

Bangkok (Thailand)

bangkok thailand

If cinema hasn’t glorified it enough, the loads of stories everyone has of Bangkok are enough to reel you in. Bangkok is that destination everyone talks about and always finds a way to get to. 

Life in this city is the enchantress that keeps you in. Bangkok meets with everything you need even if you can’t comprehend it. You find peace, thrill, soaring sights, and spiritual uplift, all in this city of your dreams. 
Recognized for its vibrant nature, color, and culture, life is seen flourishing in its very streets. 

What can be as authentic as going shopping in a boat in the floating markets of Bangkok! Find anything from flowers to groceries or the signature dishes and seafood served in these boats. The Chinatown and Chatuchak Market here are a few must-visit destinations. 

Do visit the majestic Buddhist temples, towering high as they bring you closer to the almighty!  

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