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8 Top international honeymoon destinations for Indians

“A happy marriage is a new beginning of life, a true starting point for happiness and usefulness”

– Arthur Penrhyn Stanley

Honeymoon Destination

Time and again, the world has brought out the values of new beginnings and the Marriage is the purest beginning of all. What better can be there for you to start the new life someplace away with your partner, tucked away in the company of each other, making memories for a lifetime? No matter how tiring the wedding rituals might have been, it all becomes worth it with the right partner and the right destination.

We took it upon ourselves to ensure that the destination is just as flawless as your relationship. Let’s begin exploring the best destinations for you.

1. Turkey

turkey tour

The magnificent landscapes of Turkey are the embodiment of a romantic getaway. Grand buildings woven with history, exotic countryside destinations, and savory restaurants, all come together to provide you the best honeymoon experience. Explore the endless romantic opportunities Turkey has to offer you!

Begin your mornings in Istanbul capturing the Dolmabahce Palace with Hagia Sophia Museum peeking in the background of your pictures! Tour the Topkapi Palace, and the Sultan Ahmed Mosque getting closer to divine energy. And end your day enjoying a romantic dinner cruising the Bosphorus Sea, with wine in hand and your partner by your side.

One of the most underrated destinations in Turkey is its beautiful countryside – the calm, tranquil countryside villages. The village of Sirince in Izmir is a must-visit honeymoon destination and falls nothing short of the promise of love flourishing around it. Opening up to Ephesus and Pamukkale, these ancient Greek cities reels you in with their magnificent ruins. As you move on to the final stop, get dazzled with the mightiness of Hierapolis Ruins and dazzling white calcite cliffs.

Meet adventure and excitement as you enter the city of Cappadocia with its underground cities and rock landmarks which promises to leave you thrilled. As you bid Turkey farewell, kiss your partner on a hot air balloon floating over the city in the backdrop of mesmerizing landscapes.

2. Dubai

dubai tour

Dubai is the land of dreams, and we promise that you and your partner will find them coming true! It is no wonder it tops the list of every couple for an exhilarating trip to Dubai. Not only do you get astounding views and buildings but a sense of soaring as you reach new heights on this land.
Start ticking off your bucket list as you hold your partner close once you are at the top of the Burj Khalifa, looking down at everything as it fades away. Visit the Palm Jumeirah as it leaves you two wondering over the capabilities of human marvel. End the night with a note of love, cruising over the Persian Gulf!

Blast into a new day, creating your own moment as our expert driver makes strides over the majestic dunes! Make way through the high and lows of the ever-changing sand dunes, finding waves and waves of sand stretched as far as the eye can see! And we only plan on raising the thrill even more with a mouthwatering dinner with a live belly dance performance.

There is so much more fun things to do in Dubai, and what better way to capture it with a visit to the Bollywood theme park, flexing like Shahrukh Khan with another revisit to the Aqua venture Water Park.

3. Maldives

Maldives tour

As the turquoise blue waters wash over the shores, the island country of Maldives welcomes you into its warm embrace! Slowly approaching as the honeymoon capital, Maldives is the promise of splendor and tranquility. The scenic beauty of the waters, the floating resorts, and the endless water activities reel you into the promise of a perfect honeymoon that you and your loved one never forget!

The Maldives brings luxury right to your door! Bask in the glory of the clear waters from your very room, having your partner in your arms. All it takes is for you to jump into the private infinity pool in the water villas, spending a relaxing day sunbathing and chatting together. Share a cute bicycle journey with your partner riding through the resort, enjoying the local life on the islands, talking to the natives as you both cook a Maldivian meal together!

A Maldivian Honeymoon is all for letting you bond! With all its water sports and activities, it brings you two closer, starting a bond of trust. Whether the honeymoon needs to be a quiet romantic one or one that brings you closer to adventure, there is something in store for all! Take a tour of the crystal waters sailing or kayaking with your partner as you make your own way. Dive and snorkel into the waters of Manta Reef, swimming beside your partner as you discover beauty far under what you’re used to.

End the journey as you take a relaxing authentic couple’s spa on the island!

4. Switzerland

Switzerland tour

Switzerland beats every other honeymoon destination hands down! The mountainous regions, picturesque lakes, and glazing capes of Switzerland oozes romance out of it. Reeling you in with its diverse landscapes, dazzling forests, and an affluent culture that allows a peek into its rich history, it charms you with its cold, rainy climate with the lush green vegetation and white snow complimenting each other.

One of the beautiful things about Switzerland is the prospect of falling upon an unexpected experience of the country! Stroll through the fairytale town of Zurich, making way to numerous vibrant cafes and galleries falling in your path. It is unimaginable to miss out on the cable car ride as you overlook the Albis mountain range taking in its beauty with snowcapped tops.

All the romance in Switzerland begins right here, in Lausanne. The setting of the city is undeniably eccentric as it sits over 3 hills with the snowcapped mountains as its backdrop and the Lake Geneve sitting on its foot. Explore the marvelous beauty of the city as you step into the massive cathedrals, winding shopping lanes of the old town Lausanne, and sipping wine in the enchanting vineyards.

What can be more romantic than a bonding session learning something new! Visit the ski capital of Switzerland in Gstaad and enjoy the thrills of doing something together, laughing out loud at all falls and slips! You will surely reminisce these memories once you are back home.

5. Bali

bali tour

Everyone plans their honeymoon to be nothing short of a dream! Bali is that dream brought to life.

Step into the land of beauty, splendor, grandeur, and culture as you find yourself arriving on the island of Bali. Bali had been blessed by Mother Nature with all its scintillating views. The essence of Bali comes from its proximity to the culture, worship of nature, and artistic intervention, in form of temples and sculptures.

It’s a paradise where nature sweeps you right off the floor as you go on to explore its depths. Trek to Mount Batur – an active volcano site and witness its hot springs giving life to everything around it. Experience the touch of spirituality in the Uluwatu Temple, Pura Tanah Lot, and enjoy the famous rice terraces of Bali.

6. France

france tour

The name – France itself speaks volumes of what it has to offer. Bringing a sense of historical love in the countryside, it is the epitome of romance and mystique with all its cities, towns, villages, and rivers running through them. Romantics flood the country from all around the world as the French embrace you to give you the perfect romantic getaway!

France is the full experience with its picturesque castles, dreamy street-side activities, and architectural wonders for any honeymooner. It is the storybook of the human evolution with roots still deep in history with its nonchalant lifestyle; a choice to savor the present.

ime. Paris wraps you in love with long strolls of the riverside, love confession over the Eiffel tower, stepping into history in the Versailles Palace, and dinner over the Seine, cruising with your better half.

Paris is that promise of embracing your love for your partner and guard it with all your heart.

Experience romance in the outward landscape of Monaco with the deep blue sea washing right beside it. The small land is a stretch of lavishness and glamour with its vibrant districts. Monte Carlo beams with style and fashion in every corner, providing you with the most exquisite dining experience.

7. Seychelles

Seychelles tour

Slowly but steadily, Seychelles has paved its way towards the top of the bucket list of every Indian couple. It’s definitely a dream come true, visiting Seychelles islands and living life surrounded by raw nature. With a total of 115 islands, Seychelles attracts you with its beauty and tranquility, as you set foot at the airport.

It is the perfect honeymoon spot with endless activities on offer for couples. The lush green lands, the clear ocean water, and the towering mountains reel you in to begin the adventure, opening up scores of possibilities for you as travel through the closely spaced islands.

Take the very first steps of your holidays to engage together as you run into the waters to enjoy a dive or snorkel with your partner. Enjoy relaxing hours spent on famous beaches like Anse Lazio, Anse Georgette, Anse Source D’Argent, and Beau Vallon. Become the support for one another as you hike and trek through the number of trails of Seychelles near the Anse Georgette Beach or discover the Anse Morron beach, tucked away in serenity.

8. Greece

Greece tour

The Bollywood destination! Every romantic song in Bollywood somehow finds its way to end up in Greece.

One of the most desirable countries for every married couple, Greece is everything that you have always wished for. There is a history buff in everyone and Greek is just the piece you needed to fulfill yourself. Capture the city in your palms as you discover the mighty cities of the Greek Gods.

Begin with the exploration of the capital city of Athens, considered a gift from the Goddess Athena. The city is said to be walked by the Greeks Gods with sites like the ruin of Acropolis, highlighting the city skyline, filling up a sense of spirituality in its occupants. Hold your partner tight as you make the hike to the throne of Zeus, Mount Olympus in all its glory, welcoming the wanderers.

Easily identifiable by the ocean blue water, the white walls of the picturesque lands, and the blue doors & the windows, Santorini is an instant star attraction. Explore the magnificent city of Santorini with its crystal blue waters and Cycladic homes that glimmer at sunset. The views of Santorini make it the sanctuary of tourists from all around the world. Marvel in the majestic ruins of Epidaurus theatre that used to be a source of entertainment for the common and elite as they came together to enjoy the pleasures of life.

Greece is a gift that keeps on giving!