adrenaline thumping adventure

5 adventure activities that will blow your mind

If you think that spending time in nature along with some adrenaline rush experience is like witnessing thousands of miracles, then you are at the right place. Walking across the bridges located approximately 3000 meters above the sea level, diving from the height in the lap of the beautiful landscapes, trekking the most dangerous mountain. If these are your most precious dreams then set your foot on realizing them. The wilderness and the beauty of nature is the refreshment that anyone will enjoy, that too with backpacks is amazing. The heart pounding activities will definitely satiate your life long hunger for thrill and dare. I can assure you you will have a blissful experience that will recharge your soul to the maximum for your upcoming hectic schedules.

Best adrenaline thumping adventure activities from around the world!

adrenaline thumping

Here is a list of the best adrenaline thumping adventures from around the world that one must try once in their lifetime. These experiences will definitely take your traveling experience to the cloud nine. So enjoy reading and traveling!

1. Heli Hike tour at Franz Josef Glacier (New Zealand)

Heli Hike tour

Experience the adventurous Heli hike tour at Franz Josef Glacier which is one of the steepest glaciers in New Zealand. Whisk away to this world of magnificent features of this glacier such as ice caves, crevasses, seracs and tunnels which consolidate to make it more venturesome. Combine the exhilarating helicopter ride with Franz Josef glacier tour to double up the level of thrill that comes with the daunting hike. Walk on the perilous ice of the glacier which moves faster than any other average glacier and results in no two days being exactly the same here. So just pack your bags and get close to being awestruck by the majestic views of the glacier as you hike on Franz Josef. Feel the adrenaline rushing in your blood as you make your way through one of the three glaciers that descend in a temperate rainforest. Soak your tiredness of the hectic daily routine away by treating yourself with a handful of nature’s miraculous creations.

2. Bungee jumping at Bloukrans Bridge (South Africa)

Bungee jumping

Challenge yourself to indulge into a bungee jumping experience from the top of Africa’s biggest bridge. Feel the goosebumps rising on your arm while standing on the top of Bloukrans Bridge ready to take the dive. Freefall from a height of 709 feet i.e. 216 metres and feel the wind blowing past your body like a nasty storm. Standing there, when your mind will be pleading you to reconsider, your heart will fight all the fears of your lifetime and will say, ‘Just jump’ and then the moment of dive will just arrest you for a few seconds and will release you as a free bird. Record the moments of your jump and that feeling of weightlessness and boast those memories for the lifetime. So, why not do this exhilarating adventure at Bloukrans bungee which uses the safest technology named pendulum bungee technology to assure you the most thrilling and smoothest jump that you have always wished for. Dive into the lap of nature while appreciating the tranquillity of this picturesque landscape of Bloukrans River Gorge. Your thirst for being close to nature will be quenched for sure during this adventurous and life-changing experience.

3. Cliff Walk at Mount Titlis (Switzerland)

Mount Titlis

Revel in the astounding beauty of nature as you take the Titlis Cliff Walk. Walking through the highest suspension bridge of all Europe, is an experience that one should experience once in their lifetime. Feel the adrenaline rushing in your body when you take those daring 150 steps over the bridge onto the other side. Step on the viewing platform at the south wall window at about 3041 metres above the sea level will definitely give you a shiver down your spine. The mesmerising beauty of the snowy nature can be experienced at its best. This record breaking pedestrian bridge is along the cliff of Mount Titlis in Swiss Alps in Switzerland. It is the dream destination of all the nature-lovers and a paradise for all the wanderlust. Walk over the bridge from glacier cave to Ice Flyer glacier chairlift station, which is not the end of your thrilling adventure. The amusement continues with a flight over the snow loaded mountain where the crevasses are upto 10 metres deep. Relish the dreams of your childhood and just seep into the unlimited power packed experience that is one of its kind.

4. Shotover Jet ride in Queenstown (Australia)

Shotover Jet

If you are eager to experience the abyss of the thrill of boating at the speed of 85kph in a jet boat over the Shotover river, then it is a perfect experience for you. Enjoy the moments of riding between the canyons while enjoying the exquisite beauty and the power of the canyons. The experience is owned by the maori people. Their deep knowledge of the canyon has never failed to impress the inquisite visitors. These 30 minutes of shotover ride will assure you of a pure adrenaline rush and spectacular views that you would have never seen. Hop on the classic shotboat and start on your one of its kind journey, giving you a thrilling 360 degree spin along the shotover river . As you depart down the river base on the famous shotover river at a blasting speed, watch the driver navigating the ride through narrow and dramatic canyons. A maximum of 14 people can ride a jet in shotover river. So it is a perfect experience for the people looking for a less crowded experience. It is always recommended to wear a warm layer of clothes. So what are you waiting for? Set yourself tight for an adrenaline-fueled fun ride maneuvering the rapids and narrow canyons.

5. Hua Shen Trek in China

Hua Shen Trek

Common adjectives used for the Hua Shen trek are deadliest, most dangerous and scariest experiences. If you are eager to know the reasons behind these adjectives, then pack your bags and be ready for the experience of a lifetime. Mount Hua Shen Trek is known as “The world’s most dangerous Plank walk” Or “the most precipitous mountain under heaven”.Experience that incredible level of thrill with every step on those thin planks bolted into a mountainside, once you have dared to climb this plank walk. The trek ends in a shrine that has been a pilgrimage site of great importance to the visitors,but successfully making it through this venturesome path is a task in itself. While crossing the highest South peak which is approximately 2150 meters high from the ground level, you will feel many butterflies tickling in your stomach.

So friends, what are you waiting for? Just pack up your bags, put on your shoes, and get ready for a fun filled adventurous dive into these beautiful and exciting places. These places are perfect spots to visit for the people looking for a thrilling and adrenaline pumping experience. So get yourself going for these unique and relaxing nature rides.

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